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Welcome to GIC Law!

We are an international Law Firm that provides full legal services to domestic and foreign clients.

GIC Law will help clients by utilizing optimal legal services through effective, comprehensive, and timely solutions at minimum costs. Our team of dynamic and creative lawyers are highly skilled and devoted to advancing their knowledge and professional practice in international litigation.

The prevention and decrease of risk, while increasing value to our clients, is our target.


Our Services

GIC Law can support legal services in many fields; our effectiveness is from our experience and capacity to bring tremendous value in the following areas:


GIC Law is a comprised of a proud team of lawyers, advisors, and collaborators who have deep and wide knowledge in international law, and are experienced legal and economic issues.

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New regulations on personal income tax in 2015

From day 01/01/2015, many new regulations on personal income tax came into effect. As follows: 1. Taxable income- Personal income trading revenue from 100 million / year or less are not taxable income under.

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