From day 01/01/2015, many new regulations on personal income tax came into effect. As follows:

1. Taxable income

– Personal income trading revenue from 100 million / year or less are not taxable income under.

– Regulation income “in the form of winnings betting, casino” changed to “prizes in the form of betting.”

2. Income tax exemption

Adding the following income tax exemption:

– Income from salaries and wages of seafarers Vietnam who work for foreign carriers or carriers Vietnam international transport.

– Income of individuals as owners, individuals have the right to use the train and individuals working on the train from the provision of goods and services directly serve mining operations, offshore fishing.

3. Taxes on personal business

Business individuals filing personal income tax as a percentage of revenue for each field, production and business lines as follows:

– Distribution, supply of goods: 0.5%

– Services, building materials contractor exclude: 2% (Private property leasing operations, insurance agency, lottery agents, multi-level sales agents: 5%).

– Production, transport, services associated with the goods, building materials involving the supply of: 1.5%

– Other business activities: 1%

4. Taxable income from capital transfer

Amending Regulation “Where the purchase price can not be determined and costs related to the transfer of securities, taxable income is defined as the stock price” to “For the transfer of securities, receivables taxable is defined as the transfer price each time. ”

5. To amend regulations on “Taxable income from transfer of property”

Accordingly, the following provisions:

1. Taxable income from the transfer of real estate is defined as the transfer price each time.

2. The Government stipulates the principle, the method of determining the transfer price of real estate.

3. The time of determining the taxable income from the transfer of real estate is time to transfer the contract takes effect in accordance with the law.

6. Change in the total tax

Income from real estate transfer tax rate is 2% (previously divided into two cases: 25% and 2%)

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